We are FRISKY: a London based cross-disciplinary theatre company that create personal, provocative and playful work. 


We blur the conventional distinctions between theatre, comedy, performance art, visual art and music to offer unique contributions to contemporary discussions.

Our work is always original, partly scripted and partly devised.




  • August 31st: Slugs, Sleepovers & Sacrifices - Langaland Festival - 4-7pm

  • 4th April: Girl World at the Telegraph Hill Arts Festival - The Telegraph Pub                                              

  • 26th April:  Frisky and their Freaky Friendz - Albany Theatre - Albany Rebels season                       

  • 2nd May: Junkyard Utopia - Albany Theatre Red Room                                                                       

  • 15-16th May: Girl World - Albany Studio                                                                                           

  • 24-25th May: Girl World - Junkyard Dogs - Brighton Fringe                                                                          

  • 2nd June: Girl World - Camden People's Theatre - Calm Down Dear Festival

  • 9th July: Girl World - Rose Studio, Kingston - International Youth Arts Festival 



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