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Girl World is a pop-tastic, musical playground where best friends wreak anarchy, hilarity and imagination.

But when Tilly thinks the unthinkable and asks, “is there anybody out there?” Girl World descends into a foulmouthed, sex-obsessed battleground with both girls vying for dominance against each other when they discover there is a hole in their world… 


Laughter, love songs and brutal wrestling on a journey of genuine friendship between two girls who are growing up. 

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"Unmissable" - Fringe Biscuit 


"Genius" - Broadway Baby 


"Flawless" - Voice Mag

"Fearless and experimental"

The Reviews Hub

"A wonderfully relatable, refreshingly honest coming of age story of the sort that we are desperately lacking in mainstream theatre." 

The Authentic Project 

"Innocent and subversive all at the same time."

The Tung 

“Dripping with inventive imagery & filled with boundless energy, revealing a brutally harsh side of girlhood that is often forgotten or glossed over.”

Bechdel Theatre 

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Tilly: Camille Dawson
Inga: Serena Ramsey
Live Music: Franklin Dawson & Oscar Lane


Writer & Artistic Director: Camille Dawson
Musical Composer: Franklin Dawson
Rehearsal Director: Rebecca Hill
Producer: Beth Sitek
Designer: Ranya El-Refaey

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This piece was made in

residency with Brainchild

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Girl World was staged collaboratively between the cast and crew.


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