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Growing Pains

Our latest news is we are now officially a registered company! You can now call us Frisky Arts LTD... if you like.

These kinds of developments have meant the past few months working behind the scenes at Frisky HQ we have been experiencing what Beth calls 'growing pains'; taking necessary but slightly painful steps to the next stages of making work, putting in proper structures and developing Frisky Arts. Painful only because it's filled with paperwork and complicated systems we have to come to understand and we are always yearning to get back to the freaky friendz wonderlands or the hilarious new writing sessions. However, it's so easy to get bogged down in seeing this necessary administration as a chore, and forget what an incredible thing it is to be working together and building a shared creative vision that we all fiercely believe in.

2020 is looking like an incredible year... residencies with supportive and inspiring venues, working with our amazing audiences to inform our new show, collaborating with our favourite artists for Vault Festival and other Freaky Friendz nights and hopefully performing at festivals and Edinburgh Fringe. In the context of last weeks election result, it's not going to be the easiest ride for all UK artists. But we are committed to making positive work come what may! Let's support each other as artists, as people, as communities in the coming year and find strength in working together.

Yes, we are feeling daunted by the work ahead, but we are grateful to take a step back and appreciate what is happening so far... even if it does mean a lot of paperwork and growing pains. Sending out hugs to everyone feeling it from last weeks election result, and hoping you all can relax and unwind over the Christmas period.


Camille x

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