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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

We are writing to you from the glorious haven of Serena's guardianship surrounded by fag butts and old hummus. We can hear a yoga class down the hall and occasionally someone walks past us with a spliff dangling out of their mouth.

This week has been defined by rain and canvasing in the lead up to the most important election of a generation. But, we have squeezed in some script writing too, and paid a visit to an icon.

The icon being Lucy McCormick. We went to see her show 'Post Popular' at Soho Theatre. It was INCREDIBLE. One of those works of bizarre genius that is hard to put into words, all we can say is we haven't been so affected by a show in a long time. We are feeling really inspired now!

It's difficult when you see something you love so much to not get swept away in the excitement of creating something too similar. We had a bit of a struggle in our fan girl moments to hold onto our own style. However, we broke through this and actually made some really significant decisions about show. At the beginning of any devised project, there are varied ideas/moments/themes/scenes you want to capture, but they seem to be floating with only loose connection. For ours, we knew we were interested in childhood / teendom and adulthood but it felt like we were trying to encompass too much and didn't have focus. But now we want to look at three ages in direct comparison to see how our past selves and experiences influence who we are today. And have made decisions and boundaries so as to make them distinct.

We are now thinking directly about parallels and structure... e.g. how you go from idolising your parents to hating on them, how your freedom with your body turns into something incredibly self conscious.

We're at that really exciting stage where we are flooding with ideas, can see the piece, but don't have strict limitations yet. For now, we are writing lots of scenes so when we go into residency we have tons to workshop.

Very aware it won't be this plain sailing the whole time, but for now, we are so excited for what's to come. Watch this space. Bring on Labour.

Love Camille & Serena x

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