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Pirates Chopped My Willy Off

We would like to announce we are currently making a new show called 'Pirates Chopped My Willy Off'. And what a better day to announce this news than on our Frisky and Girl World SECOND BIRTHDAY!!! Get your balloons hung and your cake iced because we are ready to celebrate.

This show is inspired by all of you. It is in direct response to conversations which emerged from ‘Girl World’. ‘GW’ was our first exploration into the unpolished moments of childhood; what emerged was an unexpected outpouring from our audiences of their own unglossed childhood and teen memories, alerting us to how rich, yet unmined this subject is. You felt compelled to share their own past faux pas and naïve misconceptions, involving imaginary friends and outrageous secret bedroom games. We learned that we are often encouraged to suppress our childhood and adolescent experiences, seen as insignificant and embarrassing. We started questioning: why do we relegate childhood and teendom into a discrete chapter with no bearing on who we are now?

'Pirates Chopped My Willy Off' is going to unleash the secrets of childhood and teendom and the madness of the transition between them. Brace yourselves for being slung into a world where clubhouses turn into animalistic hierarchies, innocent sleepovers descend into spin the bottle sex madness, pirate costumes become fishnets and side fringes and bodies morph at a rate of seconds.

We are using this blog to share our development journey with you, giving a window into the process of making this show, from the very beginning.

Stay tuned. We are so excited and we've got some dates coming up which we'll share with you very soon.

Camille and Serena xx

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