Frisky and their Freaky Friendz



Theatre, cabaret, drag, comedy, music, visual art, PARTY. 


Frisky and their Freaky Friendz are interdisciplinary cabaret events aimed to celebrate artists who seek to push boundaries and kick up the dust surrounding conventional performance. We champion the daring, playful and experimental.

Every event will feature Frisky led performances from our core artistic team alongside a dynmic array of different daring performers of different disciplines. 


We encourage our audiences to embrace uninhibited expression, create community and unleash their freaky sides. 

“Frisky never fails to make a night unforgettable. Bringing together inspired elements of song, dance and movement that are as poignant as they are outrageous, Frisky somehow connects you with your inner child and, tantalisingly, the freakiest parts of yourself.”  Audience 

"Frisky and the Freaky Friendz at Vault Festival was a roller-coaster of a multi-disciplinary cabaret, always retaining a sense of in-your-face art whether through the medium of drag, comedy or high-concept performance. It was spectacular, silly and held together with aplomb by a host that grounded the show with skill and mischief." - Martin Willis, Founder of Objectively Funny

“The first 5 minutes was my money well spent, the rest pure profit.” Audience

"Frisky nights are a breath of fresh air; entertaining, hilarious and ingenious in performance - not to mention the liberating atmosphere, where every audience member is encouraged to interact with the creative renaissance around them" Audience

Artists from previous

SLAM the poet, Trash Talk Collective, Impermanence Dance Theatre, Two Plus Ones, Bait Theatre, Evie Fehilly, Wonderbox, Ella the Great, Bang Average, Bang and Bollocks, Hot Pasty, Laura Mackenzie, Eloina, Niamh O'Brien, Michael Norton, Molly Ann-Pendlebury, Cats Clit, Olivia Douglass, Boom Box Babes. 

Please contact us at if you are interested in programming a Freaky Friendz event. 

“If you're headed to Frisky be prepared for a fab night of freaky fun. Definitely the best cabaret night I’ve been to and I’m a veteran of these things!” Audience

“A sizzling slice of entertainment that’s fun, flirty and mysterious - don’t miss out on Frisky!” Audience