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Slugs, Sleepovers & Sacrifices

One of the greatest pleasures of performing Girl World has been that after the show, audience members that we have never met before, often feel compelled to approach us and disclose all their funniest faux pas and naïve misconceptions, involving their imaginary friends and their outrageous secret bedroom games. We find it so moving to note that we all have these experiences, but we generally never talk about them. And in the telling, people often express how they have never revisited these memories until now, and have put them in a box as insignificant and embarrassing, bearing no relevance on who they are today. When in actual fact, we can learn a lot from these pre-pubescent games and explorations.

Slugs sleepovers and sacrifices colour 3

In celebration of this, we would like to gather your most bonkers and beautiful stories and reminiscences, of your most hidden moments of childhood; what you were really thinking as opposed to the stifled candy-box image with which ‘grown ups’ prefer to comfort themselves.

If you would like to take part in our Slugs, Sleepovers and Sacrifices project, then please share with us a memory, a moment, a tradition, a ritual, a dream, a fantasy, a fear… whatever comes to mind. You can do so here:

Thank you in advance for your bravery in sharing. Trust us, it’ll feel good knowing you weren’t the only weird kid…

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